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The Blush Binder

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Rumor around school is... You’re a blusher!! Our highly anticipated Blush Binder consists of 3 pages(18 large deep pans) of blending glory. Suitable for all skin tones, our blush colors are full of variety and personality. Smooth in application, your skin will instantly melt as it soaks up our highly pigmented, texturized shades, ready to naturally enhance those undertones, and transform those hidden features effortlessly. Soft and mighty, these variations of pinks and plums will rock your world! The Binder is very durable, protecting the delicate contents, perfect for travel. Did we mention it’s versatile? Use it for lip lining , eye shadows, etc. A good blush creates confidence like no other, so are you ready to become the next M.V.B ( Most Valuable Blusher)?

The Blush Binder
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