You don't get to be SUPA until you master the fundamentals.  And with the primary colors of hard work, authenticity, and experimentation as your foundation, you can paint any picture you can imagine!  In 2017, when Supa created THE CRAYON CASE, it was a new experiment, but she brought the same hard work and authenticity that she applies to the rest of her brand, and instead of THE CRAYON CASE just being the safe haven for amateur makeup artists and newbies that she intended it to be, it also became a beacon of inspiration for veterans. 

That’s Supa’s superpower--whether she’s teaching her son to approach his bullies from a position of power by roasting them, or challenging the social media facade by being original and still going viral, Supa consistently reminds us to utilize EVERY crayon in our box and to ignore the limitations of brands and people that can’t yet see our big picture. That’s why publications from Fader to Essence, and celebrities alike are singing Supa’s praises. And that’s why you can find loyal Crayon Cuties from every skill level, from novice to professional crashing websites, and begging for re-launch dates after continuous product sell-outs.  Because unlike other makeup brands that provide limited hues and inhibiting ideas of what we should like, Supa gives us everything in THE CRAYON CASE so we can experiment with what we could look like.  

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