At the age of just 15, Raynell "Wuzzam Supa" Steward's investment in New Orleans began as she worked at various locations around the city over the next 9 years.

While working at Oceana Grill in 2011 Supa was able to debut her bright personality on the show Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsay. She had the honor of being his server while conquering his intense criticism with ease and comedic relief. Many viewers connected with her pureness and authenticity.

In 2016 Supa headed to Durham, NC to feed over 200 homeless people with homemade meals. Her act of kindness went viral. She was shown so much love from the city, made the local news and developed the now famous hashtag #wheredasnacksat. As a result, Supa attracted the attention of mogul Russell Simmons, making multiple appearances on his digital network, All Def Digital. Each appearance averaged 2 million views. Always wanting to stay true to her roots, Supa used this added fame and brought it back to New Orleans, where she was the first to produce a high ranking (#6 in the world) podcast titled “Da Soup Kitchen”. The podcast not only offered lighthearted discussions but brought awareness to many unspoken truths. She also used this platform to highlight small New Orleans based businesses.

In 2017 Supa launched The Crayon Case Cosmetic Company. This was a school supplies-themed cosmetics line dedicated to amateur makeup users. Her vision was to attract the attention of novice makeup users with products that were simple to use and easy to apply. She made sure that all of the products were professional grade and long-lasting ones that also attracted skilled makeup users and artists. Through this online based business local jobs were created along with other opportunities such as the ‘Crayon Cuties Initiative’. This gave talented but unrecognized makeup artists, the ability to showcase their talents and gain exposure through social media platforms by showing their skills using The Crayon Case products.

To honor the success of The Crayon Case and the support of New Orleans, Supa threw a Crayon Case anniversary party every year, pre-pandemic. Hundreds would gather to celebrate each June, the yearly anniversary of The Crayon Case. 

Even with her skyrocketing success, Supa never strayed away from her core values and her city of New Orleans. She continued to give back to people and the community both publicly and privately. In 2018, she teamed up with Jesseca Dupart, owner of Kaleidoscope Hair Care Products, for the largest Toy Giveaway the city has ever had. Hosted in the historic Mercedes Benz Superdome, over 5,000 toys were given away, all purchased solely by Supa and Jesseca. They were inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records as the holders of the largest toy giveaway in history.

BET Networks honored Supa at the 2019 BET Social Awards where they acknowledged her precision in business and joyful spirit. Also in 2019 she used The Crayon Case to give back by donating makeup and the assistance of her Crayon Cuties to local dance teams, proms and to five New Orleans high schools.

Just like many New Orleans natives, Supa adored Mardi Gras and was always present to participate in its historic activities. In 2020 she was honored by KOA (Krewe Of Athena) to be their Grand Marshall.

Combined, Supa and The Crayon Case have over 4.7 million followers on social media. The Crayon Case can be found in over 2,900 Walmart stores nationwide and also on Amazon. Supa's incredibly popular Notepad Mini Palettes were celebrated by being included in Oprah's 25th Anniversary Favorite Things List in 2021.

Throughout all of her successes and accomplishments, Supa has never forgotten where she came from and never will. She is an inspiration for every person who aspires for greatness.

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